UP TO FIVE (5) PAGES FROM YOUR MANUSCRIPT PROFESSIONALLY EDITED BY EDITORO! FOR ONLY $34.95 (One draft only. Additional drafts, if requested, are charged at $10 per draft. Offer limited to 5 pp per project.)
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Before pasting your text into the field below, please be sure to format your text in Microsoft Word and using these guidelies:

-- FONT: 12 pt Times New Roman;
-- SPACING: Double-spaced lines;
-- MARGINS: One-inch margins top, bottom, left, right.

Formatting may appear to change after you paste it in the field below.  Fear not. We will reformat the text, per the guidelines above, before returning it to you.  We do, however, request that you initially format the text per the guidelines above to ensure that you are sending up to but no more than five (5) pages. Thank you!

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EDITORO! is in demand. He can usually turn around edits within 24-48 hours and he will make every good effort to accommodate your request. If he is unable to meet your deadline, EDITORO! or one of his staff will contact you the day you submit your request. 
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