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​Lists of common misspellings/Grammar and Misc

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wrong word used (proper usage in parentheses)[edit]
a 100 (100, a hundred, one hundred)
a 1000 (1000, a thousand, one thousand)
a 11 (an 11)

a 11th (an 11th)
a 18 (an 18)
a 1800 (an 1800)
a 18th (an 18th)
a 18th century (an 18th-century)
a 8 (an 8)
a 80 (an 80)
a 800 (an 800)
a 8000 (an 8000)
a 80th (an 80th)
a 81 (an 81)
a 82 (an 82)
a 83 (an 83)
a 88 (an 88)
a 89 (an 89)
a 8th (an 8th)
a abbreviation (an abbreviation)
a ABC (an ABC)
a absolute (an absolute)
a abstract (an abstract)
a accident (an accident)
a accidental (an accidental)
a account (an account)
a acoustic (an acoustic)
a acronym (an acronym)
a acting (an acting)
a action (an action)
a active (an active)
a actor (an actor)
a actress (an actress)
a actual (an actual)
a additional (an additional)
a advanced (an advanced)
a affair (an affair)
a affiliate (an affiliate)
a African (an African)
a album (an album)
a Algerian (an Algerian)
a alias (an alias)
a alien (an alien)
a alternative (an alternative)
a AM (an AM)
a amateur (an amateur)
a American (an American)
a amount (an amount)
a an (a, an)
a analog (an analog)
a analogue (an analogue)
a ancient (an ancient)
a angle (an angle)
a Angolan (an Angolan)
a annual (an annual)
a another (another)
a answer (an answer)
a antenna (an antenna)
a anti (an anti)
a Arabian (an Arabian)
a Arabic (an Arabic)
a Argentine (an Argentine)
a Armenian (an Armenian)
a Asian (an Asian)
a assistant (an assistant)
a associate (an associate)
a ATM (an ATM)
a Australian (an Australian)
a Austrian (an Austrian)
a average (an average)
a back up (a back-up, a backup)
a bacteria (a bacterium [singular], bacteria [plural])
a batsmen (a batsman [singular])
a businessmen (a businessman [singular])
a businesswomen (a businesswoman)
a consortia (a consortium [singular])
a criteria (a criterion [singular])
a dominate (a dominant)
a early (an early)
a effective (an effective)
a Egyptian (an Egyptian)
a eight (an eight)
a eighth (an eighth)
a eighteen (an eighteen)
a eighteenth (an eighteenth)
a eighty (an eighty)
a electric (an electric)
a electronic (an electronic)
a eleven (an eleven)
a eleventh (an eleventh)
a elite (an elite)
a embedded (an embedded)
a English (an English)
a entire (an entire)
a EP (an EP)
a epic (an epic)
a episode (an episode)
a equal (an equal)
a estimate (an estimate)
a Ethiopian (an Ethiopian)
a ethnic (an ethnic)
a example (an example)
a extra (an extra)
a falling out (a falling-out [though Wiktionary has both])
a firemen (a fireman [singular])
a flagella (a flagellum [singular])
a FM (an FM)
a freshmen (a freshman [singular])
a fungi (a fungus [singular])
a gunmen (a gunman [singular])
a impact (an impact)
a independent (an independent)
a Indian (an Indian)
a individual (an individual)
a Indonesian (an Indonesian)
a indoor (an indoor)
a information (an information)
a initiative (an initiative)
a intelligent (an intelligent)
a interesting (an interesting)
a interim (an interim)
a interior (an interior)
a intermediate (an intermediate)
a international (an international)
a Internet (an Internet)
a intersection (an intersection)
a interview (an interview)
a introduction (an introduction)
a Iranian (an Iranian)
a Iraqi (an Iraqi)
a Irish (an Irish)
a iron (an iron)
a island (an island)
a Israeli (an Israeli)
a issue (an issue)
a Italian (an Italian)
a larvae (a larva [singular])
a line up (a line-up, a lineup)
a lock out (a lockout)
a lose (a loss)
a manufacture (a manufacturer)
a match up (a match-up, a matchup)
a media for (a medium for [singular])
a MLB (an MLB)
a MRI (an MRI)
a NBA (an NBA)
a NBC (an NBC)
a NFL (an NFL)
a nuclei (a nucleus [singular])
a ocean (an ocean)
a offensive (an offensive)
a official (an official)
a Ohio (an Ohio)
a oil (an oil)
a old (an old)
a Olympic (an Olympic)
a one of the (one of the)
a online (an online)
a only (an only, only a)
a only a (only a)
a open (an open)
a opinion (an opinion)
a opposite (an opposite)
a organization (an organization)
a original (an original)
a other (an other)
a outbreak (an outbreak)
a outdoor (an outdoor)
a outside (an outside)
a overtime (an overtime)
a owner (an owner)
a paparazzi (a paparazzo [singular], paparazzi [plural])
a parentheses (a parenthesis [singular])
a phenomena (a phenomenon [singular], phenomena [plural])
a protozoa (a protozoon [singular], protozoa [plural])
a pupae (a pupa [singular])
a radii (a radius [singular])
a renown (a renowned [adjective])
a run in (a run-in)
a set back (a set-back, a setback)
a set up (a setup)
a several (several)
a simple as (as simple as)
a spermatozoa (a spermatozoon [singular])
a statesmen (a statesman [singular])
a strata (a stratum [singular])
a taxa (a taxon [singular])
a toss up (a toss-up, a tossup)
a two months (a two-month)
a ultimate (an ultimate)
a undercover (an undercover)
a underground (an underground)
a unfortunate (an unfortunate)
a unusual (an unusual)
a upgrade (an upgrade)
a upper (an upper)
a urban (an urban)
a vertebrae (a vertebra [singular])
a women (a woman [singular])
a work out (a workout)
Aboriginal decent (Aboriginal descent)
about it's (about its [possessive])
about they're (about their [possessive])
about who to (about whom to)
about who's (about whose [possessive])
above it's (above its [possessive])
AC current (AC, alternating current)
according a (according to a)
ACL ligament (ACL, anterior cruciate ligament)
across it's (across its [possessive])
affect on (effect on)
affect upon (effect upon)
affects of (effects of)
African decent (African descent)
after along time (after a long time)
after awhile (after a while [noun])
after been (after being)
after it's (after its [possessive])
after quite awhile (after quite a while)
against it's (against its [possessive])
against who (against whom)
ago since (since)
agree in principal (agree in principle)
agreement in principal (agreement in principle)
Air Canada Center (Air Canada Centre)
airplane hanger (airplane hangar)
Albanian decent (Albanian descent)
all for not (all for naught)
all it's (all its)
all though (although)
all tolled (all told)
allot of (a lot of)
alma matter (alma mater)
along it's (along its [possessive])
along side (alongside)
along time (a long time)
alongside it's (alongside its [possessive])
alongside with (along with, alongside)
also know as (also known as)
also know by (also known by)
also know for (also known for)
alter boy (altar boy)
alter server (altar server)
AM in the morning (AM, in the morning)
am loathe to (am loath to [adjective])
American decent (American descent)
amid it's (amid its [possessive])
amidst it's (amidst its [possessive])
among it's (among its [possessive])
among others things (among other things)
amongst it's (amongst its [possessive])
an affect (an effect)
an alumnae of (an alumna of [singular])
an alumni of (an alumnus of [singular])
an another (another)
an antennae (an antenna [singular])
an British (a British)
an Canadian (a Canadian)
an European (a European)
an half (a half)
an halt (a halt)
an hand (a hand)
an head (a head)
an heart (a heart)
an hero (a hero)
an high (a high)
an new (a new)
an nine (a nine)
an number (a number)
an other (another)
an Scottish (a Scottish)
an seven (a seven)
an six (a six)
an statement (a statement)
an ten (a ten)
an unit (a unit)
an Unix (a Unix)
an USB (a USB)
and etc (etc)
and so fourth (and so forth)
another criteria (another criterion [singular])
another wise (an otherwise)
another words (in other words, other words)
any another (another, any other)
any where (anywhere)
anyways (anyway)
apart for (apart from)
apart form (apart from)
apart of (sometimes correct , but may be an error for "a part of" or "apart from" - often difficult to tell which)
are aloud to (are allowed to)
are been (are being, have been)
are build (are built)
are can (can)
are dominate (are dominant [adjective])
are drew (are drawn)
are have (have)
are it's (are its [possessive])
are know as (are known as)
are know by (are known by)
are know for (are known for)
are know to (are known to)
are lain (are laid)
are lead by (are led by)
are loathe to (are loath to [adjective])
are meet (are met)
are ran by (are run by)
are renown (are renowned)
are set-up (are set up)
are setup (are set up)
are shutdown (are shut down)
are shutout (are shut out)
are suppose to (are supposed to)
are the dominate (are the dominant)
are use to (are used to)
are were (are, are where, were)
Armenian decent (Armenian descent)
around it's (around its [possessive])
as a resulted (as a result)
as apposed to (as opposed to)
as back up (as backup)
as been (as being, has been)
as followed (as follows)
as it's (as its [possessive])
as oppose to (as opposed to)
Asian decent (Asian descent)
aside form (aside from)
aside it's (aside its [possessive])
assume the reigns (assume the reins)
assume the roll (assume the role)
at it's (at its [possessive])
at the alter (at the altar)
at the reigns (at the reins)
ATM machine (ATM, automated teller machine)
away form (away from)
back and fourth (back and forth)
back drop (backdrop)
back fire (backfire [verb])
back in forth (back and forth)
back peddle (backpedal)
back round (background)
badly effected (badly affected)
baited breath (bated breath)
baled out (bailed out [though Wiktionary and the COD allow both spellings])
baling out (bailing out [ditto])
barb wire (barbed wire)
bare in mind (bear in mind)
based off (based on)
based out of (based in)
basic principal (basic principle)
be build (be built)
be cause (because)
be drew (be drawn)
be it's (be its)
be know as (be known as)
be lain (be laid)
be lead by (be led by)
be loathe to (be loath to)
be ran (be run)
be rode (be ridden)
be set-up (be set up)
be setup (be set up)
be use to (be used to)
be ware (beware)
became know (became known)
became to be (became, came to be)
because of it's (because of its)
because of the fact that (because)
been a while (been awhile)
been build (been built)
been it's (been its)
been know (been known)
been lain (been laid)
been lead by (been led by)
been loathe to (been loath to)
been ran (been run)
been rode (been ridden)
been set-up (been set up [verb])
been setup (been set up)
been show on (been shown on)
been use to (been used to)
before hand (beforehand)
before it's (before its)
behind it's (behind its)
being build (being built)
being giving (been giving, being given)
being it's (being its)
being lain (being laid)
being lead by (being led by)
being loathe to (being loath to)
being ran (being run)
being rode (being ridden)
being set-up (being set up)
being setup (being set up)
being show on (being shown on)
being taking (been taking, being taken)
below it's (below its)
beneath it's (beneath its)
beside it's (beside its)
besides it's (besides its)
better know as (better known as)
better know for (better known for)
better that (better than)
better then (better than)
between he and (between him and)
between I and (between me and)
between it's (between its)
between she and (between her and)
between they and (between them and)
beyond it's (beyond its)
Bogota, Columbia (Bogotá, Colombia)
both it's (both its)
both of it's (both of its)
both of them is (both of them are)
brake away (break away)
breath fire (breathe fire)
breathe a sign of relief (breathe a sigh of relief)
brew haha (brouhaha)
Brinsley Schwartz (Brinsley Schwarz)
by fisherman (by fishermen)
by it's (by its)
by who's (by whose)
can backup (can back up [verb])
can been (can be)
can blackout (can black out [verb])
can breath (can breathe [verb])
can checkout (can check out [verb])
can playback (can play back [verb])
can setup (can set up [verb])
can tryout (can try out [verb])
can workout (can work out [verb])
can't breath (can't breathe [verb])
Canadian decent (Canadian descent)
card shark (card sharp)
Caribbean decent (Caribbean descent)
celebrated it's (celebrated its [possessive])
certain extend (certain extent)
chalk full (chock-full)
changed it's (changed its [possessive])
Chinese decent (Chinese descent)
chocked full (chock-full)
chomping at the bit (champing at the bit)
close proximity (closeness, proximity)
closed it's (closed its [possessive])
closer then (closer than [comparative])
commonly know as (commonly known as)
commonly know for (commonly known for)
comprise of (comprise, consist of)
comprised almost entirely of (composed almost entirely of, consisting almost entirely of)
comprised chiefly of (composed chiefly of, comprised chiefly, consisting chiefly of)
comprised entirely of (composed entirely of, consisting entirely of)
comprised exclusively of (composed exclusively of, consisting exclusively of)
comprised generally of (composed generally of, comprised generally, consisting generally of)
comprised largely of (composed largely of, consisting largely of)
comprised mainly of (composed mainly of, comprised mainly, consisting mainly of)
comprised mostly of (composed mostly of, consisting mostly of)
comprised of (composed of, comprised, consisting of)
comprised only of (composed only of, comprised only, consisting only of)
comprised primarily of (composed primarily of)
comprised principally of (composed principally of)
comprised solely of (composed solely of)
comprised totally of (composed totally of, comprised totally, consisting totally of)
comprised wholly of (composed wholly of, consisting wholly of)
comprises entirely of (comprises entirely, consists entirely of)
comprises exclusively of (comprises exclusively, composed exclusively of)
comprises mainly of (comprises mainly, consists mainly of)
comprises mostly of (comprises mostly, consists mostly of)
comprises of (comprises, consists of)
comprises only of (comprises only, composed only of, consists only of)
comprising chiefly of (comprising chiefly, consisting chiefly of)
comprising entirely of (comprising entirely, consisting entirely of)
comprising exclusively of (comprising exclusively, consisting exclusively of)
comprising generally of (comprising generally, consisting generally of)
comprising largely of (comprising largely, consisting largely of)
comprising mainly of (comprising mainly, consisting mainly of)
comprising mostly of (comprising mostly, consisting mostly of)
comprising of (comprising, consisting of)
comprising only of (comprising only, consisting only of)
comprising primarily of (comprising primarily, consisting primarily of)
comprising principally of (comprising principally, consisting principally of)
comprising solely of (comprising solely, consisting solely of)
comprising totally of (comprising totally, consisting totally of)
comprising wholly of (comprising wholly, consisting wholly of)
compromised of (comprised, comprising)
consists a (comprises a, consists of a)
consists an (comprises an, consists of an)
constellation prize (consolation prize)
constituted of (consisted of, constituted)
constitutes of (consists of, constitutes)
constituting of (consisting of, constituting)
construction sight (construction site)
contains of (consists of, contains)
could backup (could back up [verb])
could been (could be, could have been)
could breath (could breathe [verb])
could care less (couldn't care less)
could of (could have [verb])
could setup (could set up [verb])
could spent (could spend)
could workout (could work out [verb])
couldn't breath (couldn't breathe [verb])
criteria is (criteria are [plural], criterion is [singular])
criteria was (criteria were [plural])
The next three should only be attempted by a competent physicist:
(Brief explanation: current = flow of charge; thus "flow of current" = flow of flow of charge)
1.current flow (current, flow)
2.current flowing (current)
3.current passing (current)
currently at this time (currently)
daily regiment (daily regimen)
darker then (darker than [comparative])
DC current (DC, direct current)
de factor (de facto)
de rigor (de rigueur)
death nail (death knell)
deciding on how (deciding how)
deep-seeded (deep-seated)
depending on who you (depending on whom you)
depending upon who you (depending upon whom you)
despite it's (despite its [possessive])
despite of (despite)
despite of the fact (despite the fact)
did gave (did give)
didn't fair (didn't fare)
didn't had (didn't have)
different tact (different tack)
different to (different from)
diffuse the situation (defuse the situation)
diffuse the tension (defuse the tension)
direct affect (direct effect)
disc break (disc brake)
do to (due to)
doe snot (does not)
dolling out (doling out [dole])
dominate player (dominant player)
dominate role (dominant role)
door jam (door jamb)
double header (doubleheader)
down it's (down its [possessive])
down side (downside)
due to it's (due to its [possessive])
due to the fact (because)
during from (during, from)
during in (during, in)
during it's (during its [possessive])
during of (during, during or)
during they're (during their [possessive])
during to (during, during the)
each alumni (each alumnus [singular])
each are (each is)
each criteria (each criterion [singular])
each has their (each has its)
each phenomena (each phenomenon [singular])
each vertebrae (each vertebra [singular])
easier then (easier than)
egg yoke (egg yolk)
either criteria (either criterion)
either phenomena (either phenomenon)
electrical current (electric current)
eluded to (alluded to) ("adopted" AnthonyW90 (talk) 21:42, 18 March 2013 (UTC))
en mass (en masse)
even thought (even though)
even tough (even though)
eye brow (eyebrow)
eye lash (eyelash)
eye lid (eyelid)
eye sight (eyesight)
eye sore (eyesore)
faired as well (fared as well)
faired badly (fared badly)
faired better (fared better)
faired far (fared far)
faired less (fared less)
faired little (fared little)
faired much (fared much)
faired no better (fared no better)
faired poorly (fared poorly)
faired quite (fared quite)
faired rather (fared rather)
faired slightly (fared slightly)
faired somewhat (fared somewhat)
faired well (fared well)
faired worse (fared worse)
farther then (farther than)
faster then (faster than)
figure head (figurehead)
first and foremost (first, foremost)
First Word War (First World War)
flag ship (flagship)
flow of current (current, flow of charge)
flow of electric current (electric current, flow of electric charge)
follow suite (follow suit)
for all intensive purposes (for all intents and purposes)
for along time (for a long time)
for awhile (for a while)
for it's (for its)
for quite awhile (for quite a while)
forgone conclusion (foregone conclusion)
for who (for whom)
formally know as (formerly known as - but only if the change can be verified)
formerly know as (formerly known as)
forth place (fourth place)
free reign (free rein)
freshman are (freshman is, freshmen are)
from who (from whom)
full compliment of (full complement of)
get pass (get past)
get setup (get set up)
get use to (get used to)
getting use to (getting used to)
going threw (going through)
got ran (got run)
got setup (got set up)
got shutdown (got shut down)
got shutout (got shut out)
greater then (greater than)
ground work (groundwork)
guest stared (guest-starred)
had arose (had arisen)
had awoke (had awoken)
had be (had been)
had became (had become)
had began (had begun)
had being (had been)
had ben (had been)
had bore (had borne)
had broke (had broken)
had brung (had brought)
had came (had come)
had chose (had chosen)
had comeback (had come back)
had cut-off (had cut off [verb])
had did (had done)
had drank (had drunk)
had drew (had drawn)
had drove (had driven)
had fell (had fallen)
had flew (had flown)
had forbad (had forbidden)
had forbade (had forbidden)
had gave (had given)
had grew (had grown)
had it's (had its)
had knew (had known)
had know (had known)
had lead the (had led the)
had lead to (had led to)
had meet (had met}
had mislead (had misled)
had overcame (had overcome)
had overran (had overrun)
had overtook (had overtaken)
had plead (had pleaded, had pled)
had ran (had run)
had rang (had rung)
had rode (had ridden)
had rose (had risen)
had runaway (had run away [verb])
had sang (had sung)
had saw (had seen)
had send (had sent)
had set-up (had set up)
had setup (had set up)
had shook (had shaken)
had shut-down (had shut down)
had shutdown (had shut down)
had shutout (had shut out)
had sit (had sat)
had sowed (had sown)
had spend (had spent)
had spoke (had spoken)
had sprang (had sprung)
had swam (had swum)
had threw (had thrown)
had throve (had thriven, had thrived)
had thunk (had thought)
had to much (had too much)
had to used (had to use}
had took (had taken)
had tore (had torn)
had trod (had trodden)
had undertook (had undertaken)
had underwent (had undergone)
had went (had gone)
had woke (had woken)
had wore (had worn)
had wrote (had written)
hadn't went (hadn't gone)
half and hour (half an hour)
hand the reigns (hand the reins)
has arose (has arisen)
has awoke (has awoken)
has be (has been)
has became (became, has become)
has been build (has been built)
has began (began, has begun)
has being (as being, has been)
has ben (has been)
has bore (has borne)
has broke (has broken)
has brung (has brought)
has build (has built)
has came (has come)
has chose (has chosen)
has comeback (has come back)
has cut-off (has cut off [verb])
has did (has done)
has drank (has drunk)
has drew (has drawn)
has drove (has driven)
has fell (has fallen)
has flew (has flown)
has forbad (has forbidden)
has forbade (has forbidden)
has gave (has given)
has gives (gives, has given)
has it's (has its)
has knew (has known)
has know (has known, has now)
has lead the (has led the)
has lead to (has led to)
has meet (has met}
has mislead (has misled)
has overcame (has overcome)
has plays (has played, plays [verb])
has plead (has pleaded, has pled)
has ran (has run)
has rang (has rung)
has sang (has sung)
has set-up (has set up [verb])
has setup (has set up)
has shook (has shaken)
has spoke (has spoken)
has sprang (has sprung)
has swam (has swum)
has threw (has thrown)
has throve (has thrived, has thriven)
has thunk (has thought)
has took (has taken)
has trod (has trodden)
has undertook (has undertaken)
has underwent (has undergone)
has was (he was, was)
has went (has gone)
has woke (has woken)
has wrote (has written)
have drank (have drunken)
have it's (have its)
have lead to (have led to)
have mislead (have misled}
have ran (have run)
have rang (have rung)
have sang (have sung)
have setup (have set up)
have sprang (have sprung)
have swam (have swum)
have took (have taken)
have underwent (have undergone)
have went (have gone)
having became (having become)
having began (having begun)
having being (having been)
having it's (having its)
having ran (having run)
having sang (having sung)
having setup (having set up)
having swam (having swum)
having took (having taken)
having underwent (having undergone)
having went (having gone)
hay day (heyday)
he begun (he began)
he garnished (he garnered)
he let's (he lets)
he plead (he pleaded, he pled)
he seen (he saw)
he use to (he used to)
he's drank (he's drunk)
head gear (headgear)
head quarters (headquarters)
head stone (headstone)
head wear (headwear)
held the reigns (held the reins)
help and make (help to make)
higher then (higher than [comparative])
hit the breaks (hit the brakes)
hold onto (hold on to)
hold the reigns (hold the reins)
holding the reigns (holding the reins)
holds the reigns (holds the reins)
hone in on (home in on)
hotter then (hotter than [comparative])
house hold (household)
how ever (however)
imminent domain (eminent domain)
in affect (in effect)
in along time (in a long time)
in anyway (in any way)
in awhile (in a while)
in close proximity to (close to, in proximity to)
in edition to (in addition to)
in it's (in its [possessive])
in January 1 (on January 1), etc.
in masse (en masse, in massam)
in parenthesis (in parentheses)
in placed (in place)
in principal (in principle)
in quite awhile (in quite a while)
in stead of (instead of)
in tact (intact)
in the long-term (in the long term)
in the short-term (in the short term)
in titled (entitled)
in vein (in vain)
incase of (in case of)
inorder to (in order to)
into affect (into effect)
into it's (into its [possessive])
into to (into)
is also is (is also)
is also know (is also known)
is are (are, is)
is be (is, is to be)
is been (has been, is being)
is comprised from (comprises)
is comprised with (comprises)
is compromised of (comprises, is composed of)
is contained of (contains)
is does (does, it does)
is front of (in front of, is in front of)
is has (has, it has)
is know (is known)
is lead by (is led by)
is loathe to (is loath to)
is not know (is not known)
is ran by (is run by)
is renown for (is renowned for)
is set-up (is set up)
is setup (is set up [verb])
is show on (is a show on, is shown on)
is the fact that (is that)
is use to (is used to)
is wants (wants)
is was (it was, was)
is were (is where, were)
ISBN number (International Standard Book Number, ISBN)
it begun (it began)
it comprises of (it comprises)
it effect (its effect)
it is though that (it is thought that)
it is though to (it is thought to)
it lead to (it led to)
it lied (it lay)
it self (itself)
it set-up (it set up)
it setup (it set up)
it spend (it spent)
it use to (it used to)
it was her who (it was she who)
it was him who (it was he who)
it weighted (it weighed)
it weights (it weighs)
it's 1000th (its 1000th [possessive])
it's 100th (its 100th)
it's 10th (its 10th, its tenth)
it's 11th (its 11th)
it's 125th (its 125th)
it's 12th (its 12th)
it's 13th (its 13th)
it's 14th (its 14th)
it's 150th (its 150th)
it's 15th (its 15th)
it's 16th (its 16th)
it's 17th (its 17th)
it's 18th (its 18th)
it's 19th (its 19th)
it's 1st (its 1st, its first)
it's 2 (its two)
it's 2000th (its 2000th)
it's 200th (its 200th)
it's 20th (its 20th, its twentieth)
it's 21st (its 21st, its twenty-first)
it's 25th (its 25th, its twenty-fifth)
it's 2nd (its 2nd, its second)
it's 300th (its 300th)
it's 30th (its 30th, its thirtieth)
it's 3rd (its 3rd, its third)
it's 400th (its 400th)
it's 40th (its 40th, its fortieth)
it's 4th (its 4th, its fourth)
it's 500th (its 500th)
it's 50th (its 50th, its fiftieth)
it's 5th (its 5th, its fifth)
it's 6 (its six)
it's 60th (its 60th, its sixtieth)
it's 6th (its 6th, its sixth)
it's 70th (its 70th, its seventieth)
it's 7th (its 7th, its seventh)
it's 80th (its 80th, its eightieth)
it's 8th (its 8th, its eighth)
it's 90th (its 90th, its ninetieth)
it's 9th (its 9th, its ninth)
it's A-side (its A-side)
it's ability (its ability)
it's advantage (its advantage)
it's aim (its aim)
it's anniversary (its anniversary)
it's annual (its annual)
it's appearance (its appearance)
it's B-side (its B-side)
it's best (its best)
it's capital (its capital)
it's class (its class)
it's closure (its closure)
it's color (its color [Amer])
it's colour (its colour [Brit])
it's construction (its construction)
it's contents (its contents)
it's course (its course)
it's current (its current)
it's debut (its debut)
it's doors (its doors)
it's eastern (its eastern)
it's end (its end)
it's entire (its entire)
it's entirety (its entirety)
it's final (its final)
it's first (its first)
it's former (its former)
it's fourth (its fourth)
it's goal (its goal)
it's highest (its highest)
it's history (its history)
it's home (its home)
it's identity (its identity)
it's inability (its inability)
it's inception (its inception)
it's initial (its initial)
it's international (its international)
it's junction (its junction)
it's kind (its kind)
it's lack (its lack)
it's last (its last)
it's latest (its latest)
it's lead (its lead)
it's leader (its leader)
it's length (its length)
it's lowest (its lowest)
it's main (its main)
it's major (its major)
it's maximum (its maximum)
it's minimum (its minimum)
it's money (its money)
it's name (its name)
it's national (its national)
it's north (its north)
it's northern (its northern)
it's original (its original)
it's own (its own)
it's peak (its peak)
it's performance (its performance)
it's period (its period)
it's popularity (its popularity)
it's population (its population)
it's previous (its previous)
it's price (its price)
it's primary (its primary)
it's prime (its prime)
it's purpose (its purpose)
it's release (its release)
it's residents (its residents)
it's rival (its rival)
it's second (its second)
it's sister (its sister)
it's size (its size)
it's source (its source)
it's south (its south)
it's southern (its southern)
it's status (its status)
it's style (its style)
it's subsidiary (its subsidiary)
it's successor (its successor)
it's tail (its tail)
it's target (its target)
it's team (its team)
it's tenth (its tenth)
it's test (its test)
it's theme (its theme)
it's third (its third)
it's timeslot (its timeslot)
it's toll (its toll)
it's total (its total)
it's type (its type)
it's usage (its usage)
it's user (its user)
it's value (its value)
it's way (its way)
it's website (its website)
it's weight (its weight)
it's western (its western)
it's width (its width)
it's worst (its worst)
it's yearly (its yearly)
its is (it is)
Jimmy Buffet (Jimmy Buffett)
Jimmy Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix)
jive with (jibe with)
key note (keynote)
lack there of (lack thereof)
laid ahead (lay ahead)
laid dormant (lay dormant)
laid empty (lay empty)
laid fallow (lay fallow)
laid in state (lay in state)
larger that (larger than)
larger then (larger than)
laughing stock (laughingstock)
law suite (lawsuit)
lay around (lie around)
lay low (lie low)
laying around (lying around)
laying awake (lying awake)
laying low (lying low)
lays atop (lies atop)
lays beside (lies beside)
lays in (lies in)
lays low (lies low)
lays near (lies near)
lays on (lies on)
lead by (led by)
lead roll (lead role)
leading roll (leading role)
less dominate (less dominant)
less that (less than)
less then (less than)
lesser then (less than)
life time (lifetime)
lighter then (lighter than)
lions share (lion's share)
loose to (lose to)
loosing effort (losing effort)
loosing record (losing record)
loosing season (losing season)
loosing streak (losing streak)
loosing team (losing team)
loosing the (losing the)
loosing to (losing to)
lot's of (lots of, many, much)
lower that (lower than)
lower then (lower than)
made it's (made its)
mainly know as (mainly known as)
mainly know for (mainly known for)
major roll (major role)
make it's (make its)
managerial reigns (managerial reins)
mash potatoes (mashed potatoes) (but see American and British English differences#Word derivation and compounds)
may been (may be, may have been)
maybe be (may be)
MCL ligament (MCL, medial collateral ligament)
mean while (meanwhile)
might of (might have)
Milwaukee, Oregon (Milwaukie, Oregon)
minor roll (minor role)
more dominate (more dominant)
more often then (more often than [comparative])
more optimal (better)
more that (more than)
more then (more than [comparative])
most dominate (most dominant)
most optimal (best, optimal)
most populace (most populous)
most well-known (best-known)
mostly know as (mostly known as)
mostly know for (mostly known for)
must of (must have)
mute point (moot point)
nation wide (nationwide)
near by (nearby)
neither criteria (neither criterion)
neither phenomena (neither phenomenon)
Netherland Antilles (Netherlands Antilles)
new comer (newcomer)
next store (next-door)
no where to (nowhere to)
note worthy (noteworthy)
now a days (nowadays)
of been (have been, of being)
of it's own (of its own)
of who to (of whom to)
oil barron (oil baron)
on going (ongoing)
on it's own (on its own)
on-going (ongoing)
one in the same (one and the same)
one criteria (one criterion)
one phenomena (one phenomenon)
originally born in (born in)
originally know as (originally known as)
other then (other than)
out grow (outgrow)
out of sink (out of sync)
out side (outside)
over a 100 (over 100, over a hundred, over one hundred)
over a 1000 (over 1000, over a thousand, over one thousand)
over hear (overhear)
over heard (overheard)
over look (overlook)
over looked (overlooked)
over looking (overlooking)
over rated (overrated)
over seas (overseas)
over see (oversee)
over who to (over whom to)
parent's house (parents' house)
past away (passed away, died)
past down (passed down)
peak his interest (pique his interest)
per say (per se)
Phillips Arena (Philips Arena)
player's union (players' union)
playoff birth (playoff berth)
Portland Trailblazers (Portland Trail Blazers)
premier episode (premiere episode)
principle action (principal action)
principle activity (principal activity)
principle actor (principal actor)
principle advantage (principal advantage)
principle advocate (principal advocate)
principle agent (principal agent)
principle aim (principal aim)
principle area (principal area)
principle artist (principal artist)
principle assistant (principal assistant)
principle attraction (principal attraction)
principle author (principal author)
principle branch (principal branch)
principle cast (principal cast)
principle caste (principal caste)
principle cause (principal cause)
principle character (principal character)
principle church (principal church)
principle city (principal city)
principle component (principal component)
principle composer (principal composer)
principle goal (principal goal)
principle group (principal group)
principle method (principal method)
principle office (principal office)
principle officer (principal officer)
principle owner (principal owner)
principle photography (principal photography)
principle source (principal source)
principle student (principal student)
principle town (principal town)
put fourth (put forth)
rather then (rather than)
reek havoc (wreak havoc)
reign in (rein in)
"reigned in" (reined in)
reigns of power (reins of power)
reticence to (reluctance to)
reticent to (reluctant to)
role call (roll call)
roll player (role player)
runner up (runner-up)
saddle up to (sidle up to)
Second Word War (Second World War)
seperate (separate)
set backs (setbacks)
she begun (she began)
she let's (she lets)
she seen (she saw)
she weighted (she waited, she weighed)
short coming (shortcoming)
shorter then (shorter than)
shortly there after (shortly thereafter)
should backup (should back up)
should been (should be, should have been)
should not of (should not have)
should of (should have)
should've went (should have gone)
side affect (side effect)
side kick (sidekick [person])
simply know as (simply known as)
since it's (since its)
since many years (for many years)
since years (for years)
single handily (single-handedly)
site lines (sight lines)
slight of hand (sleight of hand)
slue of (slew of)
smaller then (smaller than)
smarter then (smarter than)
sneak peak (sneak peek)
some how (somehow)
some one (someone)
some what (somewhat)
some where (somewhere)
sometimes know as (sometimes known as)
soon there after (soon thereafter)
sooner then (sooner than)
sophomore album (second album)
sophomore single (second single)
spilt among (split among)
spilt between (split between)
spilt into (split into)
spilt up (split up)
spinal chord (spinal cord)
spitting image (spit and image)
split in to (split into)
sq ft (ft²)
sq in (in²)
sq km (km²)
sq mi (mi²)
squared feet (square feet)
squared inches (square inches)
squared kilometers (square kilometers)
squared meters (square meters)
squared miles (square miles)
stale mate (stalemate)
staring role (starring role)
starring roll (starring role)
stay a while (stay awhile)
Stevie Ray Vaughn (Stevie Ray Vaughan)
Straight of (Strait of [geography])
strike outs (strikeouts)
stronger then (stronger than)
suppose to (supposed to)
take affect (take effect)
take over the reigns (take over the reins)
take the reigns (take the reins)
taken the reigns (taken the reins)
taking the reigns (taking the reins)
teacher's union (teachers' union)
ten times less than (one tenth as much as)
than it's (than its [possessive])
that fact that (the fact that)
that maybe (that may be)
that's is (that is)
that's was (that was)
the 1st of January (1 January) etc
the absent of (the absence of)
the affect of (the effect of)
the affect on (the effect on)
the affects of (the effects of)
the all of the (all of the)
the any of the (any of the)
the are (that are, the area, there are, they are)
the began (that began, then began, they began)
the both of the (both of the)
the both the (both the)
the break down (the breakdown [noun])
the break up (the breakup [noun])
the build up (the buildup [noun])
the clamp down (the clampdown [noun])
the crack down (the crackdown [noun])
the dominate (the dominant [adjective], they dominate [verb])
the each of the (each of the)
the extend of (the extent of)
the follow up (the follow-up [noun])
the had (that had, there had, they had)
the have (that have, there have, they have)
the he was (he was, that he was)
the injures (the injuries [noun])
the lead up (the lead-up [noun])
the many of the (many of the)
the most of the (most of the)
the much of the (much of the)
the one of the (one of the)
the one's (one's [possessive], the ones [plural])
the only the (only the)
the phenomena is (the phenomenon is [singular])
the rational behind (the rationale behind)
the rational for (the rationale for)
the set up (the setup [noun])
the some of the (some of the)
the their (their)
the them (them)
the these (these)
the this (this)
the those (those)
the trade off (the trade-off [noun])
the was (that was, there was)
the went (then went, they went)
the were (they were)
the where the (where the)
their are (there are, they are)
their had (there had, they had)
their has (there has)
their have (there have)
their is (there is)
their may be (there may be)
their was (there was)
their were (there were)
their would (there would)
them selves (themselves)
there after (thereafter)
there best (their best)
there by (thereby)
there fifth (their fifth)
there final (their final)
there first (their first)
there fore (therefore)
there fourth (their fourth)
there last (their last)
there maybe (there may be)
there new (their new)
there next (their next)
there of (thereof)
there only (their only)
there own (their own)
there second (their second)
there third (their third)
there where (there were)
there's are (theirs are, there are)
there's is (theirs is, there is)
there's three (there are three [plural])
there's two (there are two [plural])
there's was (theirs was, there was)
these includes (these include [plural], this includes [singular])
these maybe (these may be)
these where (these were)
they begun (they began)
they breath (their breath [noun], they breathe [verb])
they garnished (they garnered)
they includes (they include)
they is (there is, they are)
they maybe (they may be [verb])
they past (the past, they passed)
they player (the player)
they way (the way, their way)
they weight (they weigh, they weighed)
they where (they wear, they were)
they're are (there are, they are)
this criteria (these criteria [plural], this criterion [singular])
this data (these data [plural])
this lead to (this led to)
this maybe (this may be)
this phenomena (these phenomena [plural], this phenomenon [singular])
those includes (those include [plural])
those maybe (those may be [verb])
three in a half (three and a half)
three times less than (one third as much as)
through it's (through its [possessive])
through out (threw out, throughout)
through the ringer (through the wringer)
throughout it's (throughout its [possessive])
time outs (timeouts)
to back fire (to backfire)
to back-off (to back off [verb])
to back-out (to back out [verb])
to back-up (to back up [verb])
to backoff (to back off)
to backout (to back out)
to backup (to back up [verb])
to bailout (to bail out [verb])
to bath (to bathe) (but see the Wiktionary entry)
to be build (to be built)
to be setup (to be set up)
to blackout (to black out [verb])
to blastoff (to blast off [verb])
to blowout (to blow out [verb])
to blowup (to blow up [verb])
to breakdown (to break down [verb])
to breath (to breathe)
to buildup (to build up)
to built (to build)
to buyout (to buy out [verb])
to chose (to choose)
to comeback (to come back [verb])
to crackdown (to crack down [verb])
to cutback (to cut back [verb])
to dropout (to drop out [verb])
to forego (to forgo)
to grown (to grow)
to have lead to (to have led to)
to holdout (to hold out [verb])
to kickoff (to kick off [verb])
to lit (to light)
to loath (to loathe [verb])
to lockout (to lock out [verb])
to lookup (to look up [verb])
to markup (to mark up [verb])
to pickup (to pick up [verb])
to playback (to play back [verb])
to rollback (to roll back [verb])
to runaway (to run away [verb])
to setup (to set up [verb])
to shut-down (to shut down)
to shutdown (to shut down [verb])
to spent (to spend [verb])
to spin-off (to spin off)
to spinoff (to spin off [verb])
to takeover (to take over [verb])
to that affect (to that effect)
to they're (to their)
to together (together)
to touchdown (to touch down [verb])
to try and (to try to)
to try-out (to try out [verb])
to tryout (to try out [verb])
to turn-off (to turn off [verb])
to turnaround (to turn around [verb])
to turnoff (to turn off [verb])
to turnout (to turn out [verb])
to turnover (to turn over [verb])
to wakeup (to wake up [verb])
to walkout (to walk out [verb])
to wipeout (to wipe out [verb])
to workaround (to work around [verb])
to workout (to work out [verb])
too also (also, to also, too)
too be (to be)
took a while (took awhile)
took affect (took effect)
took and interest (took an interest)
took over the reigns (took over the reins)
took the reigns (took the reins)
tot he (to the)
tried to used (tried to use)
try and achieve (try to achieve)
try and add (try to add)
try and answer (try to answer)
try and attract (try to attract)
try and avoid (try to avoid)
try and be (try to be)
try and beat (try to beat)
try and become (try to become)
try and bring (try to bring)
try and build (try to build)
try and buy (try to buy)
try and catch (try to catch)
try and change (try to change)
try and come (try to come)
try and convince (try to convince)
try and decide (try to decide)
try and determine (try to determine)
try and do (try to do)
try and eat (try to eat)
try and escape (try to escape)
try and figure (try to figure)
try and find (try to find)
try and fix (try to fix)
try and forget (try to forget)
try and gain (try to gain)
try and get (try to get)
try and give (try to give)
try and go (try to go)
try and help (try to help)
try and hide (try to hide)
try and hit (try to hit)
try and hold (try to hold)
try and improve (try to improve)
try and keep (try to keep)
try and locate (try to locate)
try and make (try to make)
try and move (try to move)
try and obtain (try to obtain)
try and play (try to play)
try and prevent (try to prevent)
try and protect (try to prove)
try and prove (try to prove)
try and run (try to run)
try and see (try to see)
try and show (try to show)
try and slow (try to slow)
try and solve (try to solve)
try and spare (try to spare)
try and start (try to start)
try and stay (try to stay)
try and stop (try to stop)
try and support (try to support)
try and take (try to take)
try and talk (try to talk)
try and tell (try to tell)
try and understand (try to understand)
try and use (try to use)
try and win (try to win)
turn for the worst (turn for the worse)
twice as much than (twice as much as)
two in a half (two and a half)
two times less than (half as much as)
under go (undergo)
under going (undergoing)
under gone (undergone)
under it's (under its)
under rated (underrated)
under take (undertake)
under wear (underwear)
under went (underwent)
underneath it's (underneath its)
United State's (United States')
United Stats (United States)
Unites States (United States)
unlike it's (unlike its)
until it's (until its)
up field (upfield)
up it's (up its)
up side (upside)
up until (until)
upon it's (upon its)
USD dollars (US dollars, USD)
USD$ (US dollars, US$)
use to (used to, commonly(?), regularly(?); see talk page)
use to be (used to be)
use to have (used to have)
usually know as (usually known as)
usually know by (usually known by)
usually know for (usually known for)
very minimal (minimal, very little, very small)
very optimal (optimal, very good)
very unique (unique, very unusual)
via it's (via its)
VIN number (vehicle identification number, VIN)
vise versa (vice versa)
vocal chords (vocal cords, vocal folds)
waived off (waved off)
warn away (worn away)
warn down (worn down)
warn out (worn out)
was aloud (was allowed)
was apart of (was a part of)
was be (was, was being, was to be)
was been (has been, was being)
was began (was begun)
was build (was built)
was cable of (was capable of)
was comprised by (comprised)
was comprised from (comprised, was composed from)
was comprised of (comprised, consisted of, was composed of)
was comprised with (comprised)
was cutoff (was cut off)
was do to (was due to)
was drank (was drunk)
was drew (drew, was drawn)
was flew (flew, was flown)
was grew (grew, was grown)
was had (had, who had)
was has (has, who has)
was is (is, was, was in, what is)
was it's (was its)
was knew (was known)
was know (was known)
was lain (was laid)
was laying on (was lying on)
was lead by (was led by)
was lead to (was led to)
was leaded by (was led by)
was loathe to (was loath to [adjective])
was loathed to (was loath to)
was meet by (was met by)
was meet with (was met with)
was mislead (was misled)
was ran (was run)
was rebuild (was rebuilt)
was release (was released)
was reran (was rerun)
was rode (was ridden)
was sang (was sung)
was send (was sent)
was set-up (was set up [verb])
was setup (was set up)
was shook (was shaken)
was shoot (was shot)
was show by (was shown by)
was show on (was shown on)
was showed (was shown)
was shut-off (was shut off [verb])
was shutdown (was shut down [verb])
was shutoff (was shut off [verb])
was shutout (was shut out [verb])
was sold-out (was sold out [verb])
was spend (was spent)
was suppose to (was supposed to)
was the dominate (was the dominant)
was though that (was thought that)
was took (was taken)
was tore (was torn)
was use to (was used to)
was wrote (was written)
way side (wayside)
weather or not (whether or not)
well know (well known)
went rouge (went rogue)
went threw (went through)
were aloud (were allowed)
were apart of (were a part of)
were be (were)
were been (had been, have been, were being)
were began (were begun)
were build (were built)
were comprised from (comprised)
were comprised of (comprised, consisted of, were composed of)
were comprised with (comprised)
were cutoff (were cut off)
were drew (were drawn)
were he was (where he was)
were it was (where it was)
were it's (were its)
were knew (were known)
were know (were known)
were lain (were laid)
were lead by (were led by)
were leaded by (were led by)
were loathe to (were loath to [adjective])
were meet by (were met by)
were meet with (were met with)
were overran (were overrun)
were ran (were run)
were rebuild (were rebuilt)
were reran (were rerun)
were rode (were ridden)
were sang (were sung)
were set-up (were set up [verb])
were setup (were set up [verb])
were she was (where she was)
were showed (were shown)
were shut-out (were shut out [verb])
were shutdown (were shut down [verb])
were shutoff (were shut off [verb])
were shutout (were shut out [verb])
were spend (were spent)
were suppose to (were supposed to)
were the dominate (were the dominant)
were took (were taken)
were tore (were torn)
were use to (were used to)
were wrote (were written)
wether or not (whether or not)
what lead to (what led to)
what lied (what lay)
when ever (whenever [conjunction])
when into (went into)
when off (went off)
when on to (went on to)
where abouts (whereabouts)
where as (whereas [conjunction])
where being (were being)
where by (whereby)
where him (where he)
where made (were made, where he made)
where taken (were taken)
where upon (whereupon)
where won (were won, where he won, where she won)
whereas as (whereas)
which breakdown (which break down)
which comprised of (which comprised, which consisted of)
which had lead (which had led)
which has lead (which has led)
which have lead (which have led)
which in which (in which)
which maybe (which may be)
which where (which were)
while him (while he)
who had lead (who had led)
who has lead (who has led)
who have lead (who have led)
who he had (whom he had)
who he knew (whom he knew)
who he led (whom he led)
who he married (whom he married)
who he met (whom he met)
who he took (whom he took)
who lead (who led)
who maybe (who may be)
who setup (who set up)
who she met (whom she met)
who they have (whom they have)
who they should (whom they should)
who they signed (whom they signed)
who to believe (whom to believe)
who to blame (whom to blame)
who to call (whom to call)
who to invite (whom to invite)
who to send (whom to send)
who to trust (whom to trust)
who use to (who used to)
who where (who were)
who's actual (whose actual [possessive])
who's brother (whose brother)
who's father (whose father)
who's first (whose first)
who's last (whose last)
who's mother (whose mother)
who's name (whose name)
who's opinion (whose opinion)
who's own (whose own)
who's parents (whose parents)
who's previous (whose previous)
who's team (whose team)
who's title (whose title)
who's was (who was)
whom also (who also)
whom else is (who else is)
whom is (who is)
whom was (who was)
whose its (whose)
whose one of (one of whose, who's one of)
whose was (which was, who was)
wildcard birth (wildcard berth)
will backup (will back up [verb])
will been (will be, will have been)
will being (will begin)
will buyout (will buy out [verb])
will comprise of (will be composed of, will comprise, will consist of)
will likely (will probably) (per WP:COMMONALITY)
will shutdown (will shut down [verb])
will shutoff (will shut off [verb])
will spent (will have spent, will spend)
will took part (took part, will take part)
will took place (took place, will take place)
will workout (will work out [verb])
with a the (with a, with the)
with along with (along with)
with be (will be)
with he (when he, with him, with the)
with in (within [preposition])
with it's (with its [possessive])
with on of (with one of)
with out (without)
with she (when she, with her, with the)
with who (with whom)
within close proximity to (close to)
within in (in, within)
within it's (within its [possessive])
within site of (within sight of)
without it's (without its [possessive])
Wold War (World War)
won it's (won its [possessive])
Word War I (World War I)
Word War II (World War II)
working progress (work in progress)
world wide (worldwide [adjective])
worse that (worse than [comparative])
worse then (worse than [comparative])
worse-case scenario (worst-case scenario)
worst comes to worst (worse comes to worst)
worst than (worse than [comparative])
worth it's (worth its [possessive])
worth while (worthwhile [adjective])
would backup (would back up [verb])
would been (would be, would have been)
would comeback (would come back [verb])
would comprise of (would be composed of, would comprise, would consist of)
would fair (would fare)
would forego (would forgo)
would of been (would have been)
would of done (would have done)
would spent (would have spent, would spend)
would won (won, would win)
would workout (would work out [verb])
would've have (would have)
would've went (would have gone, would've gone)
wreck havoc (wreak havoc)
younger that (younger than)
younger then (younger than)
April 1st (April 1)
April 2nd (April 2)
April 30th (April 30)
April 31st (April 31)
April of (April)
August 1st (August 1)
August 31st (August 31)
December 1st (December 1)
December 31st (December 31)
February 1st (February 1)
February 28th (February 28)
February 29th (February 29)
February of (February)
January 1st (January 1)
January 31st (January 31)
July 1st (July 1)
July 31st (July 31)
June 1st (June 1)
June 30th (June 30)
June 31st (June 31)
March 1st (March 1)
March 31st (March 31)
May 1st (May 1)
May 31st (May 31)
May of (May)
November 1st (November 1)
November 30th (November 30)
November 31st (November 31)
September 1st (September 1)
September 30th (September 30)
September 31st (September 31)
the 1st of January (1 January)
the 31st of December (31 December)
These expressions are normally hyphenated. Note that the hyphenation of an expression is subject to its context (see hyphen and MOS:HYPHEN).
co-op (to distinguish from coop)
dirty-movie theater (to distinguish from dirty movie-theater)
re-creation (to distinguish from recreation)
re-sign (to distinguish from resign)

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